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Linn Harwell, New Hampshire, USA

I rallied with Phyllis Pietrow at NH Statehouse. NARAL Pro-Choice NH and PPNNE organized an energetic group to protest the vote against contraception. Well organized, loud, w/bull horns for directions, I made my voice clear to many people, young, students, married, medical, ethnic, of the history of the family plan-ning movement. I was pleased that so many young people took part - they have taken for granted what I have worked for. That they had awakened was gratifying. I told the state trooper and house guard I'd be 89 on 3/10. On leaving, both wished me happy birthday.

Post Growth Institute

The Post Growth Institute ( pledged to talk about population during the month of February. In addition to our more general work raising awareness about growth related issues (inclusive of population growth), more population specific actions during February included:

Dot Bennett, United Kingdom

I have been posting/ sharing population-related items on Facebook (including your Find the Balance just now, on re-reading this mail), and trying to talk about this topic now & then with friends and family. And commenting on various blogs and pages including the GPSO one (Facebook)... you have a great organization, devoted to probably the most important issue in the world. Keep up this good and vital work!

Roger Plenty, United Kingdom

I have managed three or four letters in the UK national press, and have contributed to a vigorous
exchange of letters in Christian Aid News (the organ of Christian Aid charity in UK). Most of the correspondence in this paper has been supportive of our point of view. Incidentally, CANews is about the only charity journal willing to allow discussion of this subject.

Donna Ridley, Teacher

I am a teacher so I have an easier job than most spreading the word!

We have lessons for all high school yr groups (age 11-18) on overpopulation and its effects (pollution etc). These include sustainability projects, presentations, assemblies, sponsoring endengered animals, and general lessons.

Kim Smith: Social Networking and Conversations

Kim shared articles and information about human overpopulation, contraception, and politics that relate to reproductive rights on facebook, twitter, and tumblr. She also had several conversations about human overpopulation with friends and my parents.

Bruce Howard: Endangered Species Condoms

I'm one of the over 1,400 people to click through and become Endangered Species Condom’s volunteers with GPSO program partner Center for Biological Diversity

I submitted a short story to The Faminarchy Project by Kurt Dahl (The Population Elephant) promoting stories in literature about our population problem. Recognizing that the abstract facts about overpopulation have been ignored for two centuries, Kurt, like GPSO, is looking for the direct visceral response.

Jack Alpert: Video Messaging

Dr. Alpert has created a video and sent it to his SKIL list, the GaiaPC group, the great change group, Steve Salmony's circle of friends, several Australian groups and has made it public on Youtube. The portal is here: SKIL Video.

Ellis and Cheryl Levinson: Blogging, Websites and Books!

Ellis and Cheryl maintain and develop the following websites. Note especially the first! Thanks Ellis and Cheryl!

Rene Monet: Blogging and Sharing

This year, I have used my blog :, which has a great number of readers (more than 50 pages red by day) to make my pledge. In a note intitled GPSO, I have recallled the objectives of our movement and inserted the video "find the balance". I hope that the video will be largely diffused!

Stacey A Ward: Social Networking and Mother Screening Activities

Have done both of your first and second ideas on Facebook, in addition to just generally trying to educate folks in the community about the perils of overpopulation. I'm not particularly shy (trial lawyer), so if a related topic is being discussed, I have no problem interjecting. Am also going to try to set up a screening of Mother: Caring for 7 Billion.

Matthias Ebner: Social Media and Engaging Politicians

I've shared the video several times and started a suggestion at our chancellor's current campaign where she tries to get opinions from the people. I suggested to replace the money you currently get monthly for having kids by a tax on kids and to facilitate adoption.

Madeline Weld: Media Outreach

On Monday (Feb 27), I sent the letter below to about 100 Canadian media addresses (sometimes more than one person at one newspaper). Earlier this month, following the release of the results of the 2011 census, the Canadian media were celebrating our rapid population growth. Of course, that is craziness.

Sent to other newspapers (than Ottawa Citizen) on 27 February 2012

Taking leave of our census: our orgy of growth boosterism

Joellen Gilchrist: Forwarding PR Materials to the Press and Environmentalists

Sent the short video to the Detroit Free Press enviro reporter, who I know slightly, and am 99% sure she will look at it.  I called it the elephant in the room enviros don't want to talk about.

Sent the video to a detroit filmmaker I know well.
At the beginning of feb i asked 3 local enviro groups i am very familiar with if they would show the film to their groups.  No response!  (see 2nd sentence in #1)
Will write a letter to the editor at the Oakland Press.

Richard Yarnell: Sustainable Living is Work!

We're in the final stages of construction on our passively heated/cooled
residence which incorporates active PV and DHW solar, an attached
horticultural greenhouse, and which will be, when complete, "net minus"
in terms of energy use. We are working with various agencies in
Portland (OR) and Clackamas County, to publicize the design and
performance of our new home. We will be giving tours during various
"green" events in the Tri-county area.

Richard Alaxandar: Using Creativity and Poetry As Advocacy Tools

I have introduced the subject of irresponsible reproduction into a thread on the Grey Pride website, and written a poem called A WIDER SHADE OF GREEN, which I have shared in two writers groups in Cambridge. I hope to use the poem in future readings to larger audiences, but the "quality" of the two groups means that the topic will not have died at the end of the readings.

I have also asked the UN, by email, why the topic of overpopulation is not properly emphasised on the agenda for Rio+20.

Gerrit Crouse: Confronting Silence

I got an e-mail from the White House, asking why I had suddenly stopped my monetary support for the campaign.
I replied that I would resume it if I could see one single indicator that the President acknowledged, or was at least aware of, the most important dangers facing us, including the human overpopulation explosion tsunami (more people have been born since 1950 then in the previous 250,000 years, in other words, ever). We have outsourced the solution to the lowest bidder: pandemic this decade. Not much about that in the news. I didn't get a reply from the White House.

Albert Kaufman My Population 7 Billion: It's Time to Talk Action

Editor's Note: This was an amazing Action by Albert Kaufman, Portland OR. Congratulations to him and thanks to all the helping hands he must have had!

Dear GPSO Coordinator,

To fulfill my Pledge, I did the following:

Showed Mother: Caring for the 7 Billion in a big theater on the big screen!
Pix attached.

Btw, here's a shortened URL which leads to the youtube..

Ramona Rex of Beaverton, Oregon

I participated in a population question and answer panel after a local screening of the movie "Mother; Caring for 7 billion" at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon on February 20th. I also submitted a short article about population to the local Sierra Club group's newsletter, The Overlook.

Lisa Sammet, Vermonters for a Sustainable Population

GPSO Action reporting from Lisa Sammet, Vermonters for a Sustainable Population

I wrote letters to Marketplace Money, Market Place and Marketplace Tech Report and to NPR about their coverage on the growth model of the economy which includes a growing population. I suggested to them to get some economists on who are designing a Steady State Economy which includes a steady state population.

Penny McKee from the United Kingdom

Earlier this year, a few members of the Scottish branch of Population Matters held a peaceful demo outside the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland speaking to workers and one member of parliament in the parliament, and also tourists as they passed by. Our Chair, Prof Colin Gallcher had a small piece in the National newspaper the next day.

Local GPSO Essay Contest Winner

Val Allen writes: I previously wrote you about an essay contest that I was conducting as my Global Population Speak Out project for 2012, and I have attached that poster again for your information.  Attached to this email is our contest winner's essay, which I would like to have  posted on the GPSO site.

Here is the winning essay, written by Kelsey Cartwright:

The Day That Growth Stood Still


Finding the Balance

Kristi Kimmel reports: I posted the “find the balance” video to my facebook page, and also wrote a letter to the editor which got published in the local newspaper (Stars & Stripes).

Student Debates and Videos

Cindy Bongard reports: As a course instructor at University of Toronto, I have screened the video on population issues (endangered species condom promotion) and their impact on biodiversity (Center for Biological Diversity: in my Feeding Humans, Cost to the Planet course (EESB16H3).  This is a second year course in the dept of physical and environmental sciences.

Suzy Davies Acts!

Thanks to Suzy Davies. On 31st January 2012 she kicked off the second phase of the Population 7 Billion: It's Time to Talk effort by posting a link to the GPSO video on the social network.

Jane Roberts Speaks Out

In Oct. and Nov, I gave 19 talks on population and women's reproductive health and rights. WHEW! Cheers, Jane

Jane Roberts

Note: The Global Population Speak Out is especially fortunate to have the full backing and support of Jane Roberts, a tireless activist for family-planning and contraception. We encourage you to watch this video of Jane:


GPSO Founder Engages NatGeo

November 1

I commented under an article titled "The Population Monster Knocking at our Door" by Senior Environment Editor Robert Kunzig on the National Geographic website. Kunzig concludes, "the biggest environment problem we face globally is not population growth. It’s the way humans get and spend energy..." I commented:

"So, per capita consumption. As someone pointed out recently, that’s like saying, 'The biggest contributor to the area of a rectangle is not length. It’s width.'"

A Typical Speak Out Effort

Twice this year I have written a commentary and recorded it for our local community/public radio station where it played several times. I also wrote letters to the editor, pretty much the same as the commentary.

I have sent the info about the film to several people/organizations in town who might be interested in buying it and showing it.

Thanks and yes, I'll do it again next year.

Tom Stortz

Population and Sustainability: Getting the Word Out/Making it Sink In

Population Institute president, Bill Ryerson, will be giving a talk in New York City on November 9th, at The Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, 131 Remsen Street Brooklyn, NY 11201. The event is sponsored by the Sierra Club New York Chapter. The event is open to the public and starts at 7:00pm.

Barbara Patrizzi Reports Action

Barbara Patrizzi writes the following:

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