Our Pledgers Around the World

Population 7 Billion: It’s Time to Talk: All across the planet, people are speaking up about about population growth. According to the U.N. Population Division, the world population surpassed the 7 billion mark on October 31st, 2011 and it’s time for a broader public discussion -- especially about the importance of family planning and the role that educating girls and empowering women can play in creating a healthier and more sustainable world.

You can help. Sign our Pledge. Talk to family, friends, classmates and colleagues. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Write a blog post, a letter to the editor. Distribute Endangered Species Condoms.

Scroll down to see a list and map of all those who have pledged to speak out about 7 billion. Click on any icon and get to know your friends and community around the world! If you are looking for the GPSO Community section, please click here.

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Total Pledges: 895
  1. Emily Frazier, Communications Manager, Population Media Center
  2. Gerd Rutten - Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  3. Kimo van Dijk, M.Sc., Biological Sciences, Ph.D. Candidate - Netherlands - Scientist
  4. Danny Reddan, Bachelor Applied Science, Environmental NGO Trainer - Australia - Scientist
  5. Wendy VanPelt - USA - Concerned Citizen
  6. Sean Corrigan - Australia - Concerned Citizen
  7. Elisabeth McCollough - USA - Concerned Citizen
  8. E. Gabrielle Gachesa - USA - Concerned Citizen
  9. Rachel Lehman - Australia - Concerned Citizen
  10. Patty Whitehead - USA - Concerned Citizen
  11. Coby Prins - Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  12. Dr. Nicoletta Chiornio, Registered Dietitian - Italy - Professional
  13. Kayla Shaw - Canada - Concerned Citizen
  14. Jane Roberts, Co-Founder: 34 Million Friends of the United Nations Population Fund - USA - Activist
  15. Lee Wells - USA - Concerned Citizen
  16. Monica Pellegrino, United States - Concerned Citizen
  17. Colleen McGlone, United States - Concerned Citizen
  18. John Guillebaud, Emeritus Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, University College, London, United Kingdom - Scholar
  19. Dan Iverson, United States - Concerned Citizen
  20. Thomas Bode, Assessor, Germany - Professional
  21. Kelsey Baker, Concerned College Student, United States - Student
  22. Digby Hartridge, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  23. Marcel Sommer, M.D., Netherlands Antilles - Professional
  24. Daria Mashnik, Concerned Graduate Student, Germany - Student
  25. Vicoria Lo, Concerned Citizen and Intern/Writer for Zooey Magazine, USA
  26. Jeff Ramsey, United States - Concerned Citizen
  27. Donna Sobieski, B.Sc., Research Administrator - Professional
  28. Mark Meritt, M.A., Bioethics, Science and Society; Writer, Artist, Educator; marksmeritt.com - USA - Activist
  29. Jennifer Kuhns, Educator, Concerned Citizen - USA - Professional
  30. Janet Thew, USA - Concerned Citizen
  31. Ralp Risch, USA - Concerned Citizen
  32. Rachel Weinzimmer, USA - Concerned Citizen
  33. Patricia Hackbarth, Geographer and Environmental Writer, USA - Professional
  34. Kathe Garbrick, USA - Concerned Citizen
  35. Steven Earl Salmony, Ph.D., Founder, AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, est. 2001 - USA - Activist
  36. Connie Hensler, Environmental Scientist, Director Corporate Life Cycle Assessment Programs, Interface, Inc., USA - Professional
  37. Cheng Liu, Software Engineer and Activist of Happiness for All, USA - Professional
  38. Randy Serraglio, Overpopulation Campaign Coordinator, Center for Biological Diversity, USA - Activist
  39. George Plumb, Executive Director Vermonters for Sustainable Population - USA - Professional
  40. Steph "D", USA - Concerned Citizen
  41. Tim Viselli, Firefighter/Paramedic, USA - Professional
  42. Donovan C. Wilkin, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus, Human Ecology, University of Arizona, USA - Scholar
  43. Patricia Ranstrom, Concerned Vocal Citizen, USA - Concerned Citizen
  44. John Feeney, Ph.D., Environmental Writer, USA - Activist
  45. Thelma Rice, Student, Sacramento State University, USA - Student
  46. Sally Mattison, Lawyer and Environmental Activist, USA - Professional
  47. Aaron Ucko, Concerned MIT Graduate, USA - Concerned Citizen
  48. Arthur H. Westing, M.F., Ph.D., Environmental Consultant - Scholar
  49. Diane Dressel, USA - Concerned Citizen
  50. Ken Johnston, USA - Concerned Citizen
  51. Kirsten Stade, Conservation Biologist and Advocacy Director, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, USA - Professional
  52. Shel Grove, USA - Concerned Citizen
  53. Piyush Patel, USA - Concerned Citizen
  54. Sarah Bexell, Ph.D., Research Scholar, University of Denver, USA - Scholar
  55. Michelle Tackett, USA - Concerned Citizen
  56. Dave Gardner, Filmmaker & Founder of GrowthBusters, USA - Activist
  57. Joanne Vinton, Environmental Scientist, USA - Scientist
  58. Shannon Mayfield-Chapin, Reverend, USA - Concerned Citizen
  59. Lisa Sammet, President, Vermonters For a Sustainable Population, USA - Activist
  60. Constance Morse, Concerned Citizen USA - Concerned Citizen
  61. Vanessa Latrimurti, Human Being, USA - Concerned Citizen
  62. Sarah Fisher, Research & Communications Officer, Population and Sustainability Network, United Kingdom - Professional
  63. Kimberly Nieman, USA - Concerned Citizen
  64. Evan Jones, Member: Committee for a Sustainable World Population, United States - Activist
  65. Randolph Femmer, Author, Writer, Senior Advisor (The Wecskaop Project) What Every Citizen Should Know About Our Planet - USA - Activist
  66. Robyn Cleaves, Registered Nurse and Concerned Citizen, USA - Professional
  67. Joellen Gilchrist, B.S.; M.A. in Education and Environmental Activist, USA - Activist
  68. Wiebke Boeing, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, New Mexico State University, USA - Scientist
  69. Jennifer Jones, Environmental Scientist, USA - Scientist
  70. Stacey Cannon, USA - Concerned Citizen
  71. Taylor Doss, USA - Concerned Citizen
  72. Regina Layug-Rosero, Project Coordinator, Mulat Pinoy: Popdev and Social Media for Youth, Philippines - Activist
  73. Nick Page, B.Sc. Math, Teacher, USA - Professional
  74. Quintijn Hoogenboom, Mathematician; Software/Websites; Member, GroenLinks/GreenLeft, Netherlands - Activist
  75. David Zakus, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Global Health, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta, Canada - Scholar
  76. Gerrit Crouse, Ph.D., Retired Psychologist, USA - Concerned Citizen
  77. Simon Ross, Chief Executive, Population Matters, United Kingdom - Professional
  78. Denise Dunlap, USA - Concerned Citizen
  79. Jonathon Singleton, B.A., Australia - Concerned Citizen
  80. Alan Ditmore, Municipal Contraception Activist, USA - Activist
  81. Jelle Reumer, Ph.D., Museum Director (Rotterdam) & Professor of Paleontology (Utrecht), Netherlands - Professional
  82. Teresa Medlin, Environmental Activist/Concerned Citizen, USA - Activist
  83. Roger Martin, Chair, Population Matters, United Kingdom - Activist
  84. Andrew Raff, Dip. Education, Natural Resource Management, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  85. Monica Dance, M.A., New Zealand - Concerned Citizen
  86. Thomas Moore, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Biology, The University of Michigan, USA - Scholar
  87. Robert Negut, Romania - Concerned Citizen
  88. Michael Lardelli, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Genetics, University of Adelaide, Australia - Scientist
  89. Dr. William 'Skip' Dykoski, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Physics - USA - Scientist
  90. Paul May, B.Sc., Australia - Concerned Citizen
  91. Becca Rodomsky-Bish, M.Sc., Environmental Science Teacher, USA - Professional
  92. William Dowling, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  93. Debbie Prescott, M.Ed., Lecturer in Education at Charles Darwin University - Professional
  94. Sebastian Stock, NUIG Student and Environmental Activist, Ireland - Student
  95. Kathe Garbrick, USA - Concerned Citizen
  96. Maya Kurtz. B.Sc., USA - Concerned Citizen
  97. John Heyneman, B.Sc., Technical Communicator and Sustainability Activist, USA - Activist
  98. Blake Barrett, Senior Project Manager, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  99. Wayne Sloane, New Zealand - Concerned Citizen
  100. Carina Prowell, USA - Concerned Citizen
  101. Mara Stramare, Garden Designer and Nature Lover, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  102. Casey Dake, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  103. Susanna Schick, Joyously Child Free, United States - Other
  104. Tracy Frayne, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  105. Bruce Phillips, M.Sc., B.Sc., Hons Environmental Biology, PGCE (Science), United Kingdom - Scientist
  106. Christa Gautschi, Switzerland - Concerned Citizen
  107. William Ryerson, President of Population Institute and Population Media Center, USA - Professional
  108. Chris Hooymans, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  109. Lisa Grundmann, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  110. James Morrow, Interactive Systems Consultant, United Kingdom - Professional
  111. Sadie Simmons, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  112. Mu'azu Muhammad, Reproductive Health Activist - Activist
  113. Richard Alexandar, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  114. Xynthia Loveira, Estudiante y Ciudadana Preocupada - Student
  115. Sukma Wijayanti, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  116. Amy Harwood, Human Overpopulation Campaign Coordinator, Center for Biological Diversity, USA - Professional
  117. Avery Jenkins, United States - Concerned Citizen
  118. Cecelia Angelone, Office Manager, Population Media Center, United States - Professional
  119. Michael Helenek, United States - Concerned Citizen
  120. Lisa Hymas, Senior Editor, Grist.org, United States - Professional
  121. Eric Goldman, United States - Concerned Citizen
  122. Matt Moran, B.Eng. Electrical/Computer Systems, University of Qld, Australia - Professional
  123. Joseph Angelone, Environmental Professional, United States - Professional
  124. Faiyaz Mulla, Mumbai, India - Concerned Citizen
  125. Massimiliano Rupalti, Italy - Concerned Citizen
  126. Kimberly Smith, United States - Concerned Citizen
  127. Zak Newman, Yale University, United States - Student
  128. Elizabeth Strauss, Educator, United States - Concerned Citizen
  129. Keith Dennis, United States - Concerned Citizen
  130. Kevin Cudby, Freelance Writer, New Zealand - Professional
  131. Jasmine Marco, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  132. Nick Romanos, Graphic designer, secular humanist, United States - Professional
  133. Belay Endeshaw Gizaw, Addis Ababa, Ethiopa - Concerned Citizen
  134. Rosie Goulden, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  135. Megan Booth, Blogger, Canada - Activist
  136. Paula Ginsburg, United States - Concerned Citizen
  137. L. McLean, USA - Concerned Citizen
  138. Kathrina Camagan, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  139. Chris Franklin, Masters Student, United States - Student
  140. Cat Campbell, United States - Concerned Citizen
  141. Joellen Gilchrist, Retired Detroit Public Schools Journalism Teacher, Masters in Education, United States - Professional
  142. Robert Walker, Executive Vice President, Population Institute, United States - Professional
  143. Chris Bystroff, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States - Scientist
  144. Kimberly Baldridge, United States - Concerned Citizen
  145. Donegal Higgins, United States - Concerned Citizen
  146. Victoria Yocum, Spiritual Life Coach, Founder of Synchronicity of Spirit, United States - Activist
  147. Luke Monet, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  148. Bobby Bounds, United States - Concerned Citizen
  149. Mike Krause, Studying a Bsc majoring in Zoology and Geology, New Zealand - Student
  150. Christina Soria, Concerned Student, United States - Student
  151. Lou Pech, Ph.D Associate Professor of Biological Science, University of Wisconsin-Marathon County, United States - Scientist
  152. Tracy Bloch, Engineer and Concerned Citizen, United States - Professional
  153. Marilyn Cornelius, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University, United States - Student
  154. Paolo Piergentili, Medical Doctor, Master of Public Health, Italy - Professional
  155. Sydney Lytle, United States - Concerned Citizen
  156. Jill Schoff, United States - Concerned Citizen
  157. W. Shaw, M.S. Marine Resource Management, United States - Scientist
  158. Eric Godfrey, Professor of Sociology Emeritus, Ripon College, United States - Scholar
  159. Jennifer Zivkovic, United States - Concerned Citizen
  160. Terry Grigg, Writer and Environmental Campaigner, United Kingdom - Activist
  161. Megan Monk, United States - Concerned Citizen
  162. David Cisneros, United States - Concerned Citizen
  163. Liz Reynolds, Activist, Human, Daughter, Sister, Wife, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  164. Robert Klugerman, Geographer more concerned about consumption per se than population, United States - Scientist
  165. Amie McNeel, United States - Concerned Citizen
  166. Erin Kilburn, United States - Concerned Citizen
  167. Alasdair Harris, Ph.D., Research Director, Blue Ventures Conservation, Madagascar - Scientist
  168. Lisa Williams, Environmental Scientist, United States - Scientist
  169. Edoardo Giunipero Ferraris, Italy - Student
  170. Martin Chouinard, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  171. Emily Thompson, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  172. Dominic Eubanks, United States - Student
  173. Lesley Blackner, United States - Professional
  174. Brianna Costello, Concerned Environmental College Student, United States - Student
  175. Pramod Joshi, B.A., India - Concerned Citizen
  176. Karen Vasily, Environmental Conservation Activist, United States - Activist
  177. Paula Ginsburg, B.Sc., Environmental Activist, United States - Activist
  178. George Plumb, M.A., Exec. Dir. Vermonters for Sustainable Population, United States - Activist
  179. Ed Oberweiser, B.Sc., Concerned Citizen and Community Activist, United States - Concerned Citizen
  180. Chris Panayi, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  181. Marcel Sommer, M.D., Netherlands Antilles - Professional
  182. Carol Broll, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  183. Caryn Cowin, United States - Concerned Citizen
  184. Sundar Ram, India - Concerned Citizen
  185. Kathryn Redford, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  186. Christopher Padley, CPA and Environmental Activist, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  187. Hillary Burrage, M. Sc., Consultant and Writer, United Kingdom - Professional
  188. Elisabeth Bechmann, Ph.D., Austria - Concerned Citizen
  189. Aedan Lake, B.Sc., United Arab Emirates - Concerned Citizen
  190. Asa Gardner, Ph.D. student, The Ohio State University - Student
  191. Janet Hudgins, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  192. Kirsten Stade, Advocacy Director, National Nonprofit, United States - Professional
  193. Ben Zolno, Eco-Policy Filmmaker, United States - Activist
  194. James H. Jorgensen, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  195. Carolyn Ricketts, Sr. Mortgage Consultant & Mater Watershed Steward, United States - Professional
  196. Lin Penrose, Former Natural Science/Environment Instructor and Concerned Citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  197. Linda Mathew, Environmental Manager, Australia - Professional
  198. Mr. Robert Bolt, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  199. Patricia Browne, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  200. Paul E.G. Cope, B.Sc., Retired Aerospace and Control Engineer concerned about mineral exhaustion & recycling, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  201. Alison Osment, United States - Concerned Citizen
  202. Dot Bennett, Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology, University of London, United Kingdom - Scientist
  203. John Hailey, MCP (Master of City & Regional Planning) and Environmentalist, United States - Professional
  204. Shirin Kalyan, Ph.D., Humboldt Fellow, Department of Immunology, SH-SK Kiel, Germany - Scientist
  205. Andrew Raff, Dip.Ed. Natural Resource Management, Australia
  206. Steph Dzie, Concerned Zoology Student and Citizen, United States - Student
  207. Hen Anderson, Director of SaveOurWoods.co.uk, Environmental Activist, United Kingdom - Activist
  208. Donna Hughes, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  209. Emily LeGrand, B.A., Canada - Concerned Citizen
  210. Sarah Clayton, Environmentalist and Concerned Layperson, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  211. Janet Jamerson, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  212. Ana Elia Almeyda, Professor and Environmental Activist, Mexico - Activist
  213. Mr. Nelson Hyde Chick, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  214. Bernadette Payne, United States - Concerned Citizen
  215. Navada Harvey, M.Sc., Project Manager, strategic consulting in pharmaceuticals, United States - Professional
  216. Jennifer Brown, B.A., Mother, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  217. Joseph Breazeale, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  218. Ms. Sharon K., Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies (Child and Family), Australia - Professional
  219. Mark Lovell, B.A., Environmental Engineer & Scientist, Australia - Scientist
  220. James Balean, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  221. Andrew Pattison, M.Sc., Masters of Marketing, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  222. Raymond Nash, United States
  223. Ransom D. Stone, B.A., Concerned Senior Citizen, United States
  224. Alice Hook, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  225. Jon Singleton, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  226. Bev Khan, Worried Parent, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  227. Tanya Morningstar, Concerned Mother, United States - Concerned Citizen
  228. Thomas Mereness, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  229. Elias Feghali, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  230. Minna Kuusiplao, M.Sc., Environmentalist, Finland - Concerned Citizen
  231. Sarah Bexell, Ph.D., Director of Conservation Education, United States - Professional
  232. Rita De Ferrary, Concerned citizen, environmental activist, animal activist, US Virgin Islands - Activist
  233. Mandi Houston, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  234. Craig Gaspard, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  235. Gustavo Veiga, B.Sc., Brazil - Concerned Citizen
  236. Mariah Boyle, M.Sc., Marine Scientist, United States - Scientist
  237. Mike Weatherby, Concerned ever since ZPG was gaining momentum, then the big guns shot it down, United States - Concerned Citizen
  238. René Monet, Ph.D., Directeur de Recherches, INRA, Retired, France - Scientist
  239. Matt Hill, Ph.D. candidate, Ecology, Australia - Student
  240. Zachry Soens, United States - Student
  241. Sarfaraz Hussain Kazmi, M.A., Sociology, Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  242. Karen Botten, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  243. Rei McCauley, B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering UDel, United States - Professional
  244. Molly Carlson, Ph.D., Empathetic stay-at-home mom / soon-to-be academic administrator, United States - Concerned Citizen
  245. Sharon Ede, B.A., Co Founder, Post Growth Institute; Grad Dip, Regional & Urban Planning, Australia - Activist
  246. Beth Fishman, Ph.D., United States - Concerned Citizen
  247. Deborah S. van Damme, Ph.D., Languages, United States - Concerned Citizen
  248. Mary Morel, Ph.D., France - Concerned Citizen
  249. Glen Colton, United States, United States - Concerned Citizen
  250. Jan Wesenberg, M.Sc., Editor, Blyttia, the journal of the Norwegian Botanical Society, Norway - Professional
  251. Michael Scadden, United States - Concerned Citizen
  252. Corinna Hasbach, Ph.D., English Teacher, Netherlands - Professional
  253. Andrew Colman, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  254. Shirley Kinoshita, M.Sc., Medical Library Dept. Mgr., retired; currently social justice/peace advocate, United States - Activist
  255. Michael Mills, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof of Psychology, Loyola Marymount University, United States - Scholar
  256. Kathy Jacobson, RN steward of the Community Health and Civic Resilience Alliance, United States - Professional
  257. Cameron Paine-Thaler, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  258. Geert Godelaine, Concerned Human, Belgium - Concerned Citizen
  259. Brian Chrystal, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  260. Nidhi Shah, M.A., Architect, Passivhaus designer, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  261. Adam Jauregui, United States - Concerned Citizen
  262. Kenneth Buk, M.Sc., Conservation Biologist, father to one and concerned citizen, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  263. Asher Sheppard, Ph.D., Biophysicist and Concerned Citizen Activist - Scientist
  264. Michelle Wright, B.Sc., High School Academic Counselor, United States - Professional
  265. Patrick Smith, B.Sc., Global thinker - Concerned Citizen
  266. Kim Wemer, Registered Nurse, United States - Concerned Citizen
  267. Karen Mustafa, United States - Concerned Citizen
  268. Jimena Sierra, Mexico - Concerned Citizen
  269. Jonathan Buickerood, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  270. Molly Michel, B.A., Music Conservatory Diploma, University Artist Diploma, Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  271. Aira Gotera, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  272. Peter Chitambo, Nature Lover/Philanthropist, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  273. Joel Hirschhorn, Ph.D., former full professor in engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison and official at Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and National Governors Assn.; author - Professional
  274. Lee Miller, M.Sc., Retired Senior Fisheries Biologist, United States - Scientist
  275. Everett Hall, United States - Concerned Citizen
  276. Mr. V. McOmie, United States - Concerned Citizen
  277. McKenzie Holltmann, Concerned Student, United States - Student
  278. Allison Saft, M.A., Environmental Activist, United States - Activist
  279. Michael Kleinman, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  280. Brian Gray, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  281. Ruud Van Wees, M.A., Environmental Activist, Netherland Antilles - Activist
  282. Frank Giddings, United States - Concerned Citizen
  283. Jan Juffermans, Member of Dutch Footprint Group, Netherlands - Activist
  284. Brad Shannon, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  285. Dik Bardon, M.Sc., Associate Member of the UK Institute of Physics, based mostly in and around South Africa - Scientist
  286. Matthew Tee, Australia, - Concerned Citizen
  287. Richard Voller, B.Sc., South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  288. Nicholas Treleaven, B.Sc., Aerospace Engineer, Mathematician and Concerned Citizen, Australia - Professional
  289. Paolo Musumeci, MBA, Chartered Accountant, President WOW Spa, Italy - Concerned Citizen
  290. Yorman De la Rosa, United States - Concerned Citizen
  291. Andrew Brooks, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States - Student
  292. Jorge Gutierrez, Ph.D., Biology, President, Grupo de Investigación y Educación en Temas Ambientales (GrIETA); Mar del Plata, Argentina - Scientist
  293. Margaret Duden, B.A., Concerned Citizen and Sustainable Farmer, United States - Concerned Citizen
  294. Tim Oseckas, Concerned Individual, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  295. Frincess Aquino, Philippines - Student
  296. Heather West, B.A., English Lit Major, United States - Concerned Citizen
  297. Sarah Hardie, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  298. Carissa Cardoza, United States - Concerned Citizen
  299. Dot Bennett, Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology, University of London, United Kingdom - Scientist
  300. Ellaine Lurie-Janicki, United States - Concerned Citizen
  301. Francisco Nunes, M.Sc., Human Factors and KM, Brazil - Professional
  302. Tom Edwards, Environmental Activist, Australia - Activist
  303. Gemma Lawrenson, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  304. Lukas Ragnhage, Operating Manager at small business, Sweden - Concerned Citizen
  305. Peter Vaughan, Ph.D., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  306. Ehsan Elahi, B.A., Environmental Activist, Pakistan - Activist
  307. Ian Soooner, Ph.D., Agrforester, Architect, Archaeologist, Heritage and Environment manager, New Zealand
  308. Kamesh Rao, Ph.D., Director of Engineering at MoSys Inc., United States - Professional
  309. Jill Hunt, Artist & Environmental Activist, United States - Activist
  310. Wendy Kellett, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  311. Manojkumar Devne, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geography, S.P.College, Pune University,India - Scholar
  312. Matthias Ebner, B.Sc., Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur (~bachelor of engineering and economics), Germany - Concerned Citizen
  313. Zot Lynn Szurgot, licensed electrician, photovoltaics, United States - Professional
  314. Antonio Morales, CPA enviromental activist, United States - Activist
  315. Evan O'Connor, Ireland - Concerned Citizen
  316. Annamaria Mignano, B.A., Marketing Director, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  317. Shannon Mayfield-Chapin, B.A., Rev. and concerned citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  318. Lynda Barondes, B.Sc., Mexico - Concerned Citizen
  319. Eve Ilsen, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  320. Gerrit Crouse, Ph.D., Retired Psychologist, United States - Professional
  321. Dennis Schvejda, United States - Concerned Citizen
  322. Rachel Winston, J.D., Attorney, United States - Professional
  323. Asa Gardner, Ph.D., Student, The Ohio State University, United States - Student
  324. Margaret Sueoka, United States - Concerned Citizen
  325. James R. Monroe, M.Sc., Professor Earth Science, United States - Professional
  326. Galen Davis, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  327. Madeline Weld, Ph.D., President, Population Institute of Canada, Canada - Activist
  328. Agatha Arends, Ph.D., Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  329. Chip Berning, Ph.D., Concerned Citizen, United States
  330. Lonna Richmand, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  331. Jeffrey Cohen, Ph.D., Associate professor of anthropology, The Ohio State , United States - Scholar
  332. Mike Verkely, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  333. Sonja Chan, Mother of 1, United States - Concerned Citizen
  334. Hector Ponce, M.Sc., in Environmental Pollution Control, The University of Leeds, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  335. Edmund Levering, B.A., CPA and Environmental Activist, United States - Professional
  336. Adriane Bovone, B.A., Teacher, Clinic Worker, United States - Concerned Citizen
  337. Halvor Stormoen, MBA, Norway - Concerned Citizen
  338. Stu Lips, B.A., United States - Activist
  339. Kay Waldmann, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  340. Ms. Stacey A. Ward, Esq., J.D., UNM School of Law; Assistant Public Defender and environmental activist/concerned citizen, United States
  341. Cristofer Hippleheuser, United States - Concerned Citizen
  342. Sunita Ramsawack, MBA, Trinidad - Concerned Citizen
  343. Tom Stone, B.A., Concerned Citizen (among first 3.5 billion -- yes, older than half of the people in the world ;-) - Concerned Citizen
  344. Lonnie Petrie, United States - Concerned Citizen
  345. Erich Gamba, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  346. Michele von Kampen, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  347. David Zane Taylor, United States - Concerned Citizen
  348. Isabelle S. M.A., legal researcher, LL. B., Canada - Concerned Citizen
  349. Libby Stortz. M.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  350. Leon Kolankiewicz, M.Sc., Wildlife Biologist and Environmental Planner, United States - Scientist
  351. Doris Vician, Retired RN. concerned person, United States - Concerned Citizen
  352. Matthew McLeod, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  353. Charlene Smith, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  354. Glen Lawson, Nuclear Engineer and Physicist, United States - Scientist
  355. Mussie Workneh, B.A., United States
  356. Aditi Kara, India, Concerned Citizen - Student
  357. John Halladay, B.A., Environmental Activist, United Kingdom - Activist
  358. David Bellamy, B.Sc., Concerned citizen in Africa, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  359. Nidaa Alahmadi, B.Sc., Concerned Citizen, United Arab Emirates - Concerned Citizen
  360. Emilio Martines, Ph.D., Scientist, Italy - Scientist
  361. Tullu Bukhari, Ph.D., Concerned citizen, Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  362. Santi Guallar, M.Sc., Concerned Citizen, Spain - Concerned Citizen
  363. Dantet Silvio Lucco, B.Sc., Italy - Concerned Citizen
  364. Cemil Yildiz, M.A., Turkey - Concerned Citizen
  365. Beth Seedsaver, Mother & organic grower, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  366. Denis Tyurenkov, Concerned, childfree by choice citizen, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  367. Arryn Grogan, Concerned Citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  368. Maria Peytcheva, M.Sc., Entrepreneur and Environmental Technology Professional, United Kingdom - Professional
  369. Daniela Irimias, Romania - Concerned Citizen
  370. James Poynton, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  371. Karen Vasily, Environmental Conservation Activist, United States
  372. Jeremy Smith, Environmental Journalist, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  373. Eric Green, United States - Concerned Citizen
  374. Bev Khan, Worried Gran, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  375. Natalie Ball, B.Sc., Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, United States - Professional
  376. Sarah Epstein, M.A., United States - Activist
  377. Marijke Lens, Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  378. Wilbur Ince, MBA, World Citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  379. Nikhil Hulluru, M.Sc., Functional Analyst, United States - Professional
  380. F.J. Taylor, M.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  381. Amy Jo Johnson, M.Sc., Student, Microbiology, San Francisco State University, United States - Student
  382. Kathe Garbrick, M.A., Concerned Citizen, Activist, United States - Activist
  383. Annette Lessmann, Concerned Citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  384. Mani Dhiman, India - Student
  385. Calvin Shaneyfelt, B.Sc., Concerned Scientist, United States - Scientist
  386. Maria Santos Neves, B.Sc., Copywriter, Brazil - Professional
  387. Mary Tarara, United States - Concerned Citizen
  388. Bayu Tegar, Undergraduate Student, University of Indonesia - Student
  389. Ed Oberweiser, B.Sc., Concerned citizen and community and environmental activist, United States - Activist
  390. Brett Strahm, M.Sc., Concerned Global Inhabitant, United States - Concerned Citizen
  391. Ellis Levinson, M.A., Author, Enough of Us: Why we should think twice before making children. Blogger, Enoughof.us - Activist
  392. Laura Livingstone, B.A., Canada - Concerned Citizen
  393. Oscar Molina, MBA, Guatemala - Concerned Citizen
  394. Tom Cali, United States - Concerned Citizen
  395. Fabricio Torpoco, Concerned Guy, United States - Concerned Citizen
  396. Kevin Betancourt, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  397. Vaibhav Pandit, Graduate Student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States - Student
  398. Sarah Jackson, M.A., Development Professional, United States - Professional
  399. Sebastian Stock, University Science Student, Ireland - Student
  400. Jeris Turner, M.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  401. Mike Fink, Ph.D.,Thin Film Scientist, United States - Concerned Citizen
  402. Eunice Loh, Singapore - Concerned Citizen
  403. Bryan Barnard, United States - Concerned Citizen
  404. Jenny M. Austin, M.Sc., Associate Degre in Office Systems, Puerto Rico - Concerned Citizen
  405. Leo Leone, United States - Concerned Citizen
  406. Nijat Rahman, B.Sc., Computer Engineering , Beijing Jiaotong University, China - Student
  407. Eric Goldman, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  408. Cassandra Wronko, United States - Concerned Citizen
  409. John Nguyen, B.A., Student of Philosophy, United States - Student
  410. Lin Luchun, M.Sc., China - Concerned Citizen
  411. Deborah Bratcher, Retired educator, concerned citizen, environmental activist, Unied States - Concerned Citizen
  412. Frank Signorello, M.Sc., Environmentally Conscious, United States - Concerned Citizen
  413. Barry Stelling, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  414. Yang Sun, Ph.D., United States - Concerned Citizen
  415. David Holzman, Journalist, United States - Concerned Citizen
  416. Michael Muller, Ph.D., Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  417. Dennis Lavrov, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Iowa State University, United States - Scholar
  418. Sivaraman Veeraragavan, Civil Engineer, India - Professional
  419. Gloria Wayman, B.Sc., Configuration and Data Analyst, United States - Professional
  420. Janet Fotos, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  421. Greg Stewart, BA (hons) Accounting and Finance Graduate, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  422. Mauricio Quintana, B.Sc., R.Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist), Mexico - Concerned Citizen
  423. Elaine Tobin, Ph.D., United States - Concerned Citizen
  424. Sonali Sengupta, Ph.D., India - Concerned Citizen
  425. Holden Simpson, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  426. Maya Adir, B.A., Journalism and Economics, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  427. Reena Vadehra, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  428. Paul Thompson, M.Sc., United Kingdom - Activist
  429. Anthony Morris, United States - Concerned Citizen
  430. David Owens, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  431. Kortney Pree, Concerned Citizen and College Student, United States - Student
  432. Antonio Peña, B.Sc., Chemical Engineer, Dominican Republic - Professional
  433. Cindy Bongard, CMA, Ph.D., Candidate in Environmental Science, University of Toronto - Student
  434. Donna Sobieski, B.Sc., Research Compliance Officer, American Red Cross, United States - Professional
  435. Kristen Schack, Concerned Citizen, Power to the People Please! - Concerned Citizen
  436. Tamara Goldsby, Ph.D., Researcher & Writer, UCSD Dept. of Psychiatry, United States - Scholar
  437. Sonny Sampot, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  438. Ana Abraham, United States - Student
  439. Paulua Abrams, Ph.D., Professor, United States - Scholar
  440. John Davies, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  441. Anthony Blake, B.A., Australia - Concerned Citizen
  442. Ms. G.M., B.A., Carfree & Childfree Activist, United States
  443. Matthew Slocumbe, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  444. Pam Terry, Speaker Coach and Chief Operating Officer of Powerful Women International, United States - Professional
  445. Jenny Goldie, B.Sc., MA (Journalism) and activist on population, climate change and peak oil. Australia - Activist
  446. Odessa Duldulao, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  447. Maddie Foutch, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  448. Courtney Marie, United States - Concerned Citizen
  449. Jagdeep Singh, Pursuing B.Tech, 3rd year, India - Student
  450. Erica Schreck, United States - Concerned Citizen
  451. Tianna Jones, Jamaica - Concerned Citizen
  452. Barbara Spink, M.Sc., Research Associate, Retired, United States - Concerned Citizen
  453. Romany Manuell, M.A., Australia - Concerned Citizen
  454. Heather Rasmussen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  455. Chloe Horne-Steff, B.A., Concerned citizen and conservationalist, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  456. Richard Stone, M.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  457. Lisa Sammet, M.Sc., United States - Activist
  458. Melanie Templeton, United States - Concerned Citizen
  459. Steven Bryan, B.A. Honors International Business Management, Spain - Concerned Citizen
  460. Benjamin Krohling, B.Sc., Sociologist and Concerned Citizen, United States - Scholar
  461. Bismark E. Kumah, University of Ghana, Ghana - Student
  462. Tamara Francis, Concerned College Student, Jamaica - Student
  463. Justin Smasal, United States - Concerned Citizen
  464. Jake Putnam, B.A., Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States - Concerned Citizen
  465. Michael Greenings, Child-Free Concerned Citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  466. Rob Geyer, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  467. Si Hui Chin, Japan - Concerned Citizen
  468. Thousif Ahamed, India - Concerned Citizen
  469. Marion-Ingrid Hillcoat, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  470. Thomas Zieber, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  471. Pierre Anther Infante, B.A., Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  472. Luis Carlos Zardo, M.A., Civil Engineer, Brazil - Professional
  473. Rene Frenette, Architectual Technologiste, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  474. Ryan Lange, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  475. Karl Fuller, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  476. Carla Thistle, B. Comm., AACI, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  477. Gary Dent, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  478. Alice Jeon, B.A. Candidate, Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada - Student
  479. Mark McFadden, B.A., Geography and German Studies, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  480. Vijai Purba, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  481. Donna Hughes, B.Sc., Hons. Biology, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  482. David Kelly, B.A., Registered Nurse, Australia - Professional
  483. Ronja Baumeister, Ph.D., Sweden - Concerned Citizen
  484. Amy Schiebel, United States - Concerned Citizen
  485. Daniel Guarín López, Colombia - Concerned Citizen
  486. Rosie Coombe, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  487. Gabbi Murphy, United States - Concerned Citizen
  488. Margaret Calantzopoulos, B.A., Concerned mother (of two), Switzerland - Concerned Citizen
  489. Mr. Raghul M., India - Concerned Citizen
  490. Dioni Bouropoulos, B.A., Concerned Student on my future. I dont want to go to war. - Student
  491. Valorie Allen, Author of "Growing Pains - A Planet in Distress". Environmental & Population Activist - Canada - Activist
  492. Monish Pimpalkhare, Graduate Student,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States - Student
  493. Brandon Bugner, United States - Concerned Citizen
  494. Frank Burgess, Outrider Foundation, Unites States - Concerned Citizen
  495. Laura Vitty, B.Sc.,Teacher of Science (to ages 11-19), United Kingdom - Professional
  496. Stepvandi Ang, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  497. James Fraser, B.A., Concerned Childless Student, Canada - Student
  498. Jean Duvall, Switzerland - Concerned Citizen
  499. Elena Mavrouli, B.A., Greece - Concerned Citizen
  500. David Bertram, B.Sc., Australia - Concerned Citizen
  501. Nikolaos Bouropoulos, B.A., Greece - Concerned Citizen
  502. Robin Edwards, B.Sc., Human Biology Specialist, University of Toronto, Canada - Scientist
  503. Muhammad Sabir Khan, Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  504. Adelle West, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  505. Rishabh Tyagi, India - Concerned Citizen
  506. Rachit Chakarwarty, MBA, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  507. Iwona Olczak, MBA, ACCA, Mother of one son. Switzerland - Concerned Citizen
  508. Safeer Ullah, M.Sc., Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  509. Vishnu Praveen B.Sc., India - Concerned Citizen
  510. Praneetha Modela, B.A., India - Concerned Citizen
  511. Susanne Gretzki, Germany - Concerned Citizen
  512. Ben Coles, M.Sc., Atmospheric Science and Concerned Citizen, United Kingdom - Scientist
  513. Heather Adams, United States - Concerned Citizen
  514. Andrew OMeara, Ireland - Concerned Citizen
  515. Christina Henriquez, United States - Concerned Citizen
  516. Oregbe Osayimwen, B.Sc., Accountancy, Nigeria - Professional
  517. Barry Peake, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  518. Mary Lister, Concerned Student, United States - Student
  519. Mohan Sivaraj, MBA, India - Concerned Citizen
  520. J. Langrish, M.Sc., Charity Worker, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  521. Bram van Mol, Belguim - Concerned Citizen
  522. Surya D. Pathak, Ph.D., India - Concerned Citizen
  523. Beedy Parker, MBA, Environmental Activist, United States - Activist
  524. Cherish Huelgas, B.Sc., Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  525. Jennifer Mwangi, M.Sc., Environmental Engineer, United States - Professional
  526. Melinda Reed, M.A., Retired biology teacher and concerned citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  527. Kristi Kimmel, B.A., Germany - Concerned Citizen
  528. Rahul Jaiswal, B.Sc., India - Concerned Citizen
  529. Richard Grossman, Gynecologist, population activist, writer, United States - Professional
  530. Jocelyn Weber, United States - Concerned Citizen
  531. Madeline Weld, Ph.D., President, Population Institute of Canada, Canada - Professional
  532. Mary Paulette Bilar, Concerned Youth, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  533. Gavin Horwich, B.A., Politics and Modern History United Kingdom - Student
  534. Daniel Pletan, B.S., Business Management, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  535. Chris Hatt, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  536. Edward George, M.Sc., MEng, MRINA, Naval Architect, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  537. Charlotte Davies, Worried Person, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  538. Arielle Gerstein, B.Sc., Obtaining Masters in Sustainable Development, American University, United States - Concerned Citizen
  539. Alicia French, New Zealand - Concerned Citizen
  540. Joseph Raganas, M.A., Political Science and Philosophy, Business Development and Operations Manager, ACTFA, Philippines
  541. Richard Johnson, B.A., Campaigner for Better Things, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  542. Jos Riechelmann, Concerned Citizen, committee member of PopulationAwareness.org, Netherlands - Activist
  543. Brian Naylor, B.A., Australia
  544. Jerick Mesa, Philippines - Student
  545. Kirsty Walker, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  546. Anna Churchill, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  547. Aniruddh Jain, B.Sc., Student and Concerned Citizen, India - Concerned Citizen
  548. Jordan Gregoris, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  549. Margaret Vasut, United States - Concerned Citizen
  550. Martin Heath, Dip. in theology and related subjects and environmental studies, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  551. Roberto Prada, M.A., Mechanical Engineer, - Concerned Citizen
  552. Ankita Dabas, B.A., India - Concerned Citizen
  553. Martika Taylor, B.A., Urban and Regional Planning M.Sc. Candidate, Trinidad - Student
  554. Joellen Gilchrist, B.Sc. & MA in Ed, English and Journalism teacher, United States - Concerned Citizen
  555. Sona Mason, M.Sc., Ecologist, United States - Scientist
  556. Venetia Caine, Trustee, Population Matters, United Kingdom - Activist
  557. Monica Commandeur, Ph.D., Project leader transition of science (of agriculture, livestock, rural sociology and spatial dynamics) to policy development, Netherlands - Activist
  558. Richard Yarnell, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  559. Ramona Rex, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  560. Harry Cripps, M.A., Professional Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist, United Kingdom - Professional
  561. Maggie Avison, M.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  562. Denis Garnier, Teacher, France - Professional
  563. Suzie Marlow, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  564. Pip Hayes, B.Sc., Mb ChB, United Kingdom - Professional
  565. Jai Parekh, M.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  566. Ian Cleland, Designer, Building and Sustainability consultant. Also publisher of About People - Sustainability is all about people. Australia
  567. Didier Barthes, Porte-parole de Démographie Responsable (association Française), France - Activist
  568. Linn Duvall Harwell, Professional volunteer/family planning/ClaraBellDuvallReprod.FreedomProj.ACLUPA, United States - Activist
  569. Gail Addis, General Medical Practitioner, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  570. Roger Plenty, United States - Concerned Citizen
  571. Judith Plenty, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  572. Bruce Howard, Artist and writer with population issues as my demon muse, United States - Concerned Citizen
  573. Matthew Newman, B.A., environmental activist and writer, United States - Concerned Citizen
  574. Fabrice Vauclair, Ph.D., Portugal - Concerned Citizen
  575. Harald Marschner, Chairman Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development, Austria - Activist
  576. Robert Zinser, CEO Rotarian Action Group for Population & Sustainable Development, Germany - Activist
  577. Lori Arnold, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  578. Ingar Brueggemann, M.A., Special Advisor, Rotarian Action Group for Population and Sustainable Development (RFPD), Germany - Activist
  579. Lindsey Rager, United States - Concerned Citizen
  580. Jennifer Hart, United States - Concerned Citizen
  581. Kathleen Pamesa, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  582. Jim Evans, United States - Concerned Citizen
  583. Lokender Singh, M.A., India - Concerned Citizen
  584. Klaus Schredelseker, Ph.D., Full Professor of Finance, University of Innsbruck, Austria - Scholar
  585. Cindy Bongard, M.Sc., and Ph.D. Candidate, Canada - Student
  586. Kelsey Asbell, United States - Concerned Citizen
  587. Eric G., B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  588. Rick Shea, B.A., Friend of the planet, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  589. Taylor Daniels, United States - Concerned Citizen
  590. Glen Herman, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  591. Darienne Tupper, Biology and Psychology Student, Canada - Student
  592. Bob Gillespie, M.Sc., President Population Communication, United States - Activist
  593. Amouree Wilcox, United States - Concerned Citizen
  594. Sahid Ali, B. Sc., (hons), Punjab University and Internee at WWF, Pakistan - Student
  595. Michelle Shear, Concerned Individual for Humanity, United States
  596. Princess Mae Chua, B.A., Concerned Citizen and a Political Science Instructor, MSU-IIT, Philippines - Scholar
  597. Naomi Bowker, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  598. Post Growth Institute, Australia - Activist
  599. Igor Pora-Leonovich, B.Sc., Israel - Concerned Citizen
  600. Mark Hertzel, Concerned Young Citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  601. Carlos Eugenio Silva, Ph.D., Lecturer in Parasitic Diseases, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil - Scholar
  602. Harry Carrow, United States - Concerned Citizen
  603. Torbjørn Bjønness, M.A., Upset Citizen, Norway - Concerned Citizen
  604. Anja Bull, B.A., Environmental and Animal Rights Activists, United States - Activist
  605. Cheryl Le Beau, Concerned Citizen & Student, United States - Student
  606. Theresa Nash Patel, B.A., Director Heritage2Health. Senior Lecturer Public Health and Enterprise, United Kingdom - Professional
  607. Zane Lambert, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  608. Aimee Beaudette, Concerned Student, Environmental Science Major, United States - Student
  609. Jessica Monroe, United States - Concerned Citizen
  610. Sherry Kindel, Concerned Citizen and Environmental Activist, United States - Activist
  611. Jacie Lara, United States - Concerned Citizen
  612. Lachland Smith, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  613. Caryn Rawlings, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  614. Michelle Moore, B.Sc., Research Scientist, United States - Scientist
  615. Catherine Morris, B.A., Managing Director, South Africa - Professional
  616. Lisa Nupen, M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate in Zoology, University of Cape Town, South Africa - Scientist
  617. Elizabeth Bramley, B.A., South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  618. Liz Morgan, United States - Concerned Citizen
  619. AyeLynne Duran, Student, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  620. Svitlana Barybina, M.Sc., Canada - Concerned Citizen
  621. Adrian Hill, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  622. Dorothea Johnson, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  623. Marc Oxley, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  624. Geoff Dann, B.A., Philosophy, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  625. Lucy Lewis, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  626. Ken Stewart, Ph.D., United Kingdom - Scientist
  627. Dick Knowles, United States - Concerned Citizen
  628. Lisa Wright, B.A., Grants Manager, Osceola County Council on Aging, Inc., a non-profit charitable agency, United States - Professional
  629. R. Smith, United States - Concerned Citizen
  630. Kanny OmoHaastrup, Barrister-at Law, Nigeria - Concerned Citizen
  631. Albert Kaufman, M.A., United States - Activist
  632. Christel DJ, B.A., Mass Communication, Advertising, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  633. Vikus Chauhan, B.F.A., Art Editor in Dorling Kindersley India PVT LTD, India - Professional
  634. Vincent Nakedi, Population and Development Studies Student, South Africa - Student
  635. Corbin Brooks, United States - Concerned Citizen
  636. Gordy Bone, M.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  637. Ian Merrill, B.Sc., Concerned Citizen, Home Improvement Contractor, United States - Professional
  638. Adam Morris, M.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  639. Marcia Poelman, MBA, Belgium - Concerned Citizen
  640. Michael Hucks, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  641. Andrew Currie, B.Sc., Entrepreneur, Conservationist, Philanthropist, United States - Concerned Citizen
  642. Margie Wirth, M.Sc., MLIS, Librarian, United States - Concerned Citizen
  643. John Schultz, Student of Environmental Studies, Biology, Math, and Earth Sciences, United States
  644. Leyla Levi, Turkey - Concerned Citizen
  645. Mary Page, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  646. Stephen Bown, MD, FRCP. Prof of Laser Medicine & Surgery, University College London Medical School, United Kingdom - Professional
  647. Jacob Skiles, United States - Concerned Citizen
  648. Nipun Talwar, M.Sc., India - Activist
  649. Cherry Ann Manalo, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  650. Artur Goldyn, M.Sc., Poland - Concerned Citizen
  651. Leanne Crowe, B.Sc., Sustainable Rural Development, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  652. Anna Phillips, B.Sc., Countryside Management, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  653. Natalie Burge, B.A., Graphic Design Student, Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom - Student
  654. Jeffrey Boyle, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  655. Ric Upton, B.Sc., Environmental Compliance Manager, United States - Professional
  656. Josh Lowin, Switzerland - Concerned Citizen
  657. Erika Soderholm, B.Sc., Switzerland - Concerned Citizen
  658. Sacha Bonvin, Switerland - Activist
  659. Candice Stein, Concerned Mother, United States
  660. Venjon Ybanez, B.S., Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  661. Yasmeen Rias, Jordan - Concerned Citizen
  662. Chaz Mason, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  663. Dylan Wedlake, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  664. Brigitte Williamson, United States - Student
  665. Tyler Hansen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  666. Nikolas Moreno, Cinematographer, Colombia - Concerned Citizen
  667. Gilbert Jackson, BA, Architect, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  668. Gagandeep Bangar, MVSc., Veterinary Officer, Punjab, India - Professional
  669. James Austrums, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  670. Geraint Manuel, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  671. Bruce Pontow, M.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  672. Zoe Thomson, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  673. Mustawan Ani Jaya, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  674. Wendy Scherer, M.A., Adjunct Professor of Biology Lemoyne College Syracuse, NY, United States - Scholar
  675. Niayab Ahad, United States - Concerned Citizen
  676. Victoria Swain, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  677. Alexis Whitehurst, United States - Concerned Citizen
  678. Megan Wells, United States - Concerned Citizen
  679. Alanna Grassi, United States - Concerned Citizen
  680. Gaby Garcia, United States - Concerned Citizen
  681. Jacques Rene de Villiers, Conservationist and a very concerned citizen about our growing population thats destroying the planet, New Zealand - Concerned Citizen
  682. Antje Reinhard, M.A., Germany - Concerned Citizen
  683. Stephanie Hewak, University Student, Canada - Student
  684. Kelly O'Rourke, MBA, United States - Concerned Citizen
  685. Matt Dunnett, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  686. Pankaj Jalan, India - Concerned Citizen
  687. Sam Wilkerson, B.Sc., United Kingdom
  688. Michael Simmons, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  689. Amber Sprunger, United States - Concerned Citizen
  690. María Isabel Velasco Galaz, Chile - Concerned Citizen
  691. Myrtle Smith, B.A., HS Math Teacher, United States - Professional
  692. Gaurav Gaikwad, B.Sc., an Indian, India - Concerned Citizen
  693. Denise King, M.Sc., Ccience Museum Exhibit Developer - Professional
  694. Sara Saad, B.A., Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  695. Jennifer Marklew, B.Sc., Concerned Citizen wanting to make a big change, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  696. Stewart Gray, United States - Concerned Citizen
  697. Sarah Young, B.Sc., Concerned Student, United States - Student
  698. Glin Martin, B.Sc., Australia - Concerned Citizen
  699. Alvin Edralin, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  700. Jean Alia Robles, Army officer & population activist, Philippines - Professional
  701. Mallory Chen, M.A., Student and concerned citizen, United States - Student
  702. Nathan Angus, Student, University of New Hampshire, United States - Student
  703. Jason Reichert, Worried Teen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  704. Teaka Pointek, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  705. Ana Eastwood, United States - Student
  706. Steven Linegar, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  707. David Gibson, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  708. Harriet Mitteldorf, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  709. Carol Maehr, B.A., Retired RN and Concerned Citizen, United States - Concerned Citizen
  710. Dempsey Tugade, Philippines - Student
  711. Jeanette Nilsson, M.Sc., Sweden - Concerned Citizen
  712. Abigail Andrews, B.A. hons Englih with Creative Writing, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  713. N. Hare, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  714. Michael Dittmar, Ph.D., Senior Scientist ETH Zurich - Scientist
  715. Andrew Boyle, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  716. Sandra Maliga, MFA, United States - Concerned Citizen
  717. Munazza Arif, Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  718. Jennifer Wendell, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  719. Erich Vieth, United States - Concerned Citizen
  720. Spencer Lucas, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  721. Dr. Naveed Ahmed, General Manager, Demand Generation and Marketing, Pakistan - Professional
  722. Annapaola Marchesani, M.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  723. Madeleine Taslim, Concerned Student and Future Generation Leader, Indonesia - Student
  724. Wahyono Sudrajat Adam, B.A., Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  725. Juan Marko Patawaran, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  726. Prakalp Ahirwar, India - Concerned Citizen
  727. Ravi Bhushan, MBA, India - Concerned Citizen
  728. Candice Sissing-Dyers, B.A., Masters Student, wife, concerned citizen of the world, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  729. Heather Marsh, Anthropology student at Green Mountain College and environmental activist, United States - Student
  730. Jeya Chandran, India - Concerned Citizen
  731. Marcella Patlan, United States - Concerned Citizen
  732. Fernando Tolosana, B.A. Linguistics, South Africa - Concerned Citizen
  733. Paul Vennard, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  734. P. Jensen, M.Sc., Adjunct Faculty, Dept of Human Behavior, CSN - Scientist
  735. Jane Le, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  736. Caio Gouvea, B.Sc., Brazil - Concerned Citizen
  737. Jennifer Courcy, United States - Concerned Citizen
  738. Kevin Frank, M.sc., P.E., Wastewater Process Engineer, United States - Professional
  739. Brigitte Arredondo, B.Sc., Currently a Registered Nurse and working towards a MSN as a nurse educator, United States - Concerned Citizen
  740. Ansel Hoang, United States - Concerned Citizen
  741. Julia Murray, United States - Concerned Citizen
  742. Ian Morales, Puerto Rico - Concerned Citizen
  743. Ved Prakash Singh, India - Concerned Citizen
  744. Cory Rogers, Applied Geography, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  745. Victor Ozurumba, B.Sc., Nigeria - Concerned Citizen
  746. Kim Jonsson, Student at BTH, Sweden - Student
  747. Sara Hutchinson, United States - Concerned Citizen
  748. Mariana Del Hierro, Colombia - Concerned Citizen
  749. Harvey Haokip, B.A., India - Concerned Citizen
  750. Mary Abigael Gladys Lee, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  751. Maia Freudenberger, Senior, Haverford College, United States - Student
  752. Michaela Lowrie, M.A., France - Concerned Citizen
  753. Ramji Prasad Tiwari, M.Sc., Health Trainer Champion, Rushmoor Healthy Living, Farnborough, United Kingdom - Professional
  754. Daniel Fuenzalida, Chile - Concerned Citizen
  755. Muhammad Bilal Bilal, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  756. René Vohlert Rasmussen, M.A. in Corporate Communication, Denmark - Professional
  757. Michael Leonard Lubiano, B.Sc., Public Teacher, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  758. Miriam Shaw, M.A., Theatre Artist Creating Awareness of Environmental Issues, United States - Concerned Citizen
  759. Rishikesh Kadam, India - Concerned Citizen
  760. Marco Mosconi, B.Sc., Italy - Concerned Citizen
  761. Leoni Rahmawati, M.A., Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  762. John Paul Barbacion, Philippines - Student
  763. Armina Tan, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  764. Una Reddington, B.A., Ireland - Concerned Citizen
  765. Terje Bye Fjeldheim, Political Scientist/Anthropologist. Director,TAPIIR Tactical Research,Ltd. Norway - Professional
  766. Jeannie Davidson, United States - Student
  767. Alastair Galpin, B.Sc. Human Geography, spreading awareness through entertainment, New Zealand - Activist
  768. Naseel Mohammed, B.Sc., Freelance Journalist, India - Concerned Citizen
  769. LJ Handke, United States - Student
  770. Rosemary Graham-Gardner, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  771. Debby Chandler, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  772. Suzy Davies, Earth Mother Lover, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  773. Marianna Breton, M.A., Envir Health Specialist, United States - Professional
  774. Hazel Seymour, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  775. Karen Joynes, B.A., Active Environmentalist, Australia - Activist
  776. Omega Baker, United States - Concerned Citizen
  777. Caterina Rodriguez, Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Mexico - Concerned Citizen
  778. Bridget Pavitt, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  779. Eugene Peterson, M.Sc., United States - Scientist
  780. Rohan Deb Mondal, St.Joseph's Eng Medium School, India - Student
  781. Peter Hirst, Ph.D., MB, Chb Hons., United Kingdom - Scholar
  782. Charlotte Greenfield, B.A., New Zeland - Concerned Citizen
  783. Usman Shehu, B.Sc., Nigeria - Concerned Citizen
  784. Jeremiah Tamparong, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  785. Josephine Red, Philippines - Student
  786. Sandra Mendonca, Brazil - Concerned Citizen
  787. Maria Buenfil R., M.Sc., Researcher of Environmental Issues, Mexico - Concerned Citizen
  788. Alan Morgan, MBA, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  789. Daniel Jacoby, Ph.D., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, United States - Professional
  790. Wynonna Maree Uy, B.A., Student and Concerned Citizen, Philippines - Student
  791. Jay Dee, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  792. James Coleman, B.Sc., Accountant, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  793. Andres Moresco, Portugal - Concerned Citizen
  794. James Smith, B.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  795. David Wright, M.Sc., Nepal - Concerned Citizen
  796. Kamila Domagala, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  797. Derric Atzrott, Computer Specialist, United States - Concerned Citizen
  798. Carleen Robinson, Ph.D., JD, MSCJ, MA Instructor of Criminal Justice, Florida International University, United States - Professional
  799. Stuart Allison, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  800. Luis Miguel Mamani Humpiri, Peru - Concerned Citizen
  801. Lynlyn Marcos, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  802. Amy Phillips Mursch, B.A., United States - Professional
  803. Karl Faux, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  804. Michelle Trzecinski, United States - Concerned Citizen
  805. Rodrigo Leão, M.A., Petroleum Engineer, Brazil - Professional
  806. Monty Keel, M.Sc., Concerned Human, United States - Concerned Citizen
  807. Zahra Hadi, Concerned High School Student/Citizen, United States - Student
  808. Blanaid Denman, M.Sc., Conservation Ecologist, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  809. Bernard Osei, General Artist, Ghana - Concerned Citizen
  810. Haid Pratomo, Master of Public Policy, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  811. Corey Mueske, United States - Concerned Citizen
  812. KG Ramachandran, B.Sc., India - Concerned Citizen
  813. Angele Kasselis, B.A., Singapore - Concerned Citizen
  814. Larry Ward, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  815. Flora Giddings, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  816. Anders Haagen, MBA, It's My Planet Too, Hong Kong - Concerned Citizen
  817. Cherry Bogle, Performing Arts Academy Student of New Jersey, United States - Student
  818. Talha Hyder, Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  819. Ruthlin Zephyr, B.Sc. Biology, United States - Concerned Citizen
  820. Walter Estamo, B.Sc. Social Work at Christ the King College, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  821. Rebekah Noland, United States - Concerned Citizen
  822. Elna Memelink, Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  823. Rea Jannell Acain, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  824. Emma Savage, New Zealand - Student
  825. Andry Jon Abelita, Philippines - Student
  826. Mikaella Maria Antonia Chan, BSN-1,Student, Philippines - Student
  827. Joyce Goolsby, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  828. Jack Barber, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  829. Mukesh Samantaray, MBA, Auditor, India - Concerned Citizen
  830. Pradeep Kumar Boyidapu, Performance Tester, India - Concerned Citizen
  831. Denize Cruz, Philippines - Concerned Citizen
  832. Heli Hietanen, B.A., Finland - Concerned Citizen
  833. Demelza Costa, Master of Hermetic Sciences, United States - Concerned Citizen
  834. Sally Purbrick-Illek, M.Sc., Science Education, Oregon State University - Concerned Citizen
  835. Sarvan Ars, MBA, India - Concerned Citizen
  836. Denise Dunlap, United States - Concerned Citizen
  837. Johan Vanneste, Ph.D., Bioseparation process engineering, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium - Scientist
  838. Amanda Rahaman, B.Sc., CPA and environmental activist, Trinidad - Concerned Citizen
  839. Kevin Blackmore, United States - Concerned Citizen
  840. Muhammas Asif Raza, M.A., Political Science, Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  841. Hanson Iheuko, Nigeria - Concerned Citizen
  842. Gary H. Strooy, M.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  843. Frances B. Fraser, B.Sc., Retired, Canada - Concerned Citizen
  844. Melania Padilla, B.Sc., Nicaragua - Concerned Citizen
  845. Donna Hamilton, M.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  846. Kalpesh Jain, India - Concerned Citizen
  847. Komodo Varaan, Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  848. Justin Lea, JD, Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Living Wage Activist, United States - Activist
  849. Melinda Nagy, B.Sc., United States - Concerned Citizen
  850. Joanna White, MA Candidate, Digital Media, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom - Student
  851. Sarah Woolley, United States - Concerned Citizen
  852. Jonathan Holton, B.Sc., Design Engineer, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  853. Luther Skeels, United States - Concerned Citizen
  854. Jeanette Reynolds, M.A., United States - Concerned Citizen
  855. Raja Kahn, M.Sc., Pakistan - Concerned Citizen
  856. Nikka Borillo, United States - Concerned Citizen
  857. Kendall Holland, United States - Concerned Citizen
  858. Dietrich Schwägerl, Dr. rer. nat., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Munich University of Applied Sciences - Germany - Scientist
  859. Stacey Lawson, MA, United States - Concerned Citizen
  860. C.J. Howell, USA - Concerned Citizen
  861. Richard Vernon, M.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  862. Leo Fenn, B.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  863. Michelle Harrison, M.Sc., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  864. Barbara Davies, B.A., United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  865. Niklas Günther, B.A., Sweden - Concerned Citizen
  866. Aidil Onassis, Indonesia - Concerned Citizen
  867. John Bosco Kalanzi, B.Sc., Uganda - Concerned Citizen
  868. Emma Eid, M.Sc., Masters in Urban Development, France - Concerned Citizen
  869. Humayoun Kabir, Bangladesh - Concerned Citizen
  870. Scott Orpwood, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  871. Dudo Erny, M.Sc., Switzerland - Activist
  872. PVL Pasquello, B. Sc., Founder Pasquello Photography, Belgium - Concerned Citizen
  873. John Page, United States - Concerned Citizen
  874. Aldina Franco, Ph.D Lecturer of Ecology, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom - Scientist
  875. Simon Wells, Chartered Accountant, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  876. Gargi Shrimali, India - Concerned Citizen
  877. Rea Cris, MSC and environmental activist, United Kingdom - Activist
  878. Yuri Steklov, Israel - Concerned Citizen
  879. David Johnson, M.Sc., Population writer and Activist, South Africa - Activist
  880. Sara De Lauretis, Concerned student, Italy - Student
  881. Francesco Turco, Italy - Concerned Citizen
  882. Kaspar Yaxley, B.E. (Chemical Engineering), Australia - Professional
  883. Hjálmar Bogi, Teacher and politician, Iceland - Concerned Citizen
  884. A. Hawkes, Therapist, Australia - Concerned Citizen
  885. Mayank Pokhriya, GBPUAT Pantnagar, India - Student
  886. Bérengère Desprez, B. Sc., NGO Naturalist, France - Concerned Citizen
  887. Meredith Vandermeer, MPH, United States - Concerned Citizen
  888. Charlotte Labedan, France - Concerned Citizen
  889. Nellie Funk, United States - Concerned Citizen
  890. Henk van Dijk, Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  891. Mia Ramirez, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen
  892. Paul Brussee, Netherlands - Concerned Citizen
  893. Mark Perri, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. MBA, University of Delaware. Environmental activist. - Scientist
  894. Nai Hui Wang, M. Sc., Taiwan - Concerned Citizen
  895. Sean Donovan, United Kingdom - Concerned Citizen