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Gerd Rutten
Concerned Citizen
The Netherlands
Kimo van Dijk, M.Sc.
Ph.D. Candidate
The Netherlands
Danny Reddan
Environmental NGO Trainer
Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Nicoletta Chiornio
Dietitian & Concerned Citizen
Dusino San Michele, Italy
Kayla Shaw
Concerned Citizen
Essex, Canada
Jane Roberts
Co-Founder: 34 Million Friends of the UNFPA
California, United States
Monica Pellegrino
Concerned Citizen
The Netherlands
Colleen McGlone
Concerned Citizen
Florida, United States
John Guillebaud
Emeritus Prof., Family Planning & RH
University College, London, UK
Thomas Bode
Professional Assessor
Berlin, Germany
Kelsey Baker
Concerned College Student
California, United States
Daria Mashnik
Concerned Graduate Student
Oldenburg, Germany
Victoria Lo
Intern/Writer for Zooey Magazine
California, USA
Donna Sobieski, B.Sc.
Research Administrator
Maryland, United States
Mark Merrit, M.A.
Bioethics, Science and Society
New York, United States
Jennifer Kuhns
Massachusetts, United States
Patricia Hackbarth
Geographer and Environmental Writer
New York, United States
Steven Earl Salmony, Ph.D.
AWAREness Campaign on Human Pop.
United States
Connie Hensler, Env. Scientist
Director, Corporate Life Cycle Assessment
Interface Inc., USA
Cheng Liu
Software Engineeer
Boston, Massachusetts -- United States
Randy Serraglio
Overpopulation Campaign Coordinator
Center for Biological Diversity, USA
George Plumb
Executive Director
Vermonters for Sustainable Population, USA
Donovan C. Wilkin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus
University of Arizona, USA
John Feeney, Ph.D.
Environmental Writer
Boulder, Colorado - United States
Thelma Rice
Sacramento State University, USA
Arthur H. Westing, M.F., Ph.D.
Environmental Consultant
Putney, VT - USA
Kirsten Stade, Advocacy Director
Public Employees for Env. Responsibility
Silver Spring, MD - USA
Sarah Bexell, Ph.D.
Research Scholar
University of Denver, USA
Dave Gardner
Filmmaker & Founder of GrowthBusters
Colorado Springs, CO - USA
Joanne Vinton, B.Sc.
Environmental Scientist
Sacramento, CA - USA
Shannon Mayfield-Chapin
Heath, OH - USA
Lisa Sammet
President, Vermonters For Sustainable Pop.
Craftsbury, VT - USA
Sarah Fisher
Research & Communications Officer
Population & Sustainability Network - U.K.
Evan Jones
Committee for a Sustainable World Population
Sacramento, CA - USA
Randolph Femmer
Author and Writer
Miami, FL - USA
Joellen Gilchrist, B.S., M.A
Educator and Env. Activist
Beverly Hills, MI - USA
Wiebke Boeing, Ph.D.
Professor of Fish, Wildlife & Cons. Ecology
New Mexico State University - USA
Jennifer Jones, M.Sc.
Environmental Scientist
Portland, OR - USA
Regina Layug-Rosero
Project Coordinator, Mulat Pinoy
The Philippines
David Zakus, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Global Health
University of Alberta, Canada
Gerrit Crouse, Ph.D.
Retired Psychologist
Nyack, NY - USA
Simon Ross, Chief Executive
Population Matters
London, United Kingdom
Jelle Reumer, Ph.D.
Museum Director, Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Roger Martin
Chair, Population Matters
Wells, United Kingdom
Monica Dance, M.A.
Concerned Citizen
Auckland, New Zealand
Thomas Moore, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Biology
The University of Michigan, USA
Robert Negut
Concerned Citizen
Bucharest, Romania
Michael Lardelli, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer in Genetics
University of Adelaide, Australia
Dr. William 'Skip' Dykoski, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Minnesota, USA
Becca Rodomsky-Bish, M.Sc.
Environmental Science Teacher
Ithaca, NY - USA
Debbie Prescott, M.Ed.
Lecturer in Education
Charles Darwin University, Australia
Sebastian Stock
NUIG Student & Environmental Activist
Galway, Ireland
Wayne Sloane
Concerned Citizen
Wellington, New Zealand
Mara Stramare
Garden Designer & Nature Lover
London, United Kingdom
Tracy Frayne
Concerned Citizen
Johannesburg, South Africa
Christa Gautschi
Concerned Citizen
Aesch, Swizterland
William Ryerson, President
Population Institute & Population Media Center
Shelburne VT, USA
Mu'azu Muhammad
Reproductive Health Activist
Sokoto, Nigeria
Xynthia Loveira
Estudiante y Ciudadana Preocupada
San Lorenzo, Paraguay
Sukma Wijayanti
Concerned Citizen
Bogor, Indonesia
Amy Harwood
Human Overpopulation Campaign Coordinator
Center for Biological Diversity, USA
Lisa Hymas
Senior Editor, Grist.org
Seattle, Washington - United States
Faiyaz Mulla
Concerned Citizen
Mumbai, India
Massimiliano Rupalti
Concerned Citizen
Urbania, Italy
Zak Newman
Yale University, United States
Chris Bystroff, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States
Victoria Yocum
Founder of Synchronicity of Spirit
Hawaii, United States
Lou Pech, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biological Science
University of Wisconsin-Marathon
Paolo Piergentili
Medical Doctor, Master of Public Health
Padova, Italy
Eric Godfrey
Professor of Sociology Emeritus
Ripon College, United States
Alasdair Harris, Ph.D.
Blue Ventures Conservation

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